Children’s palliative care team

The Society has created a children’s palliative care model for a multidisciplinary team, which consists of a doctor, nurse, chaplain, social worker, psychologist and psychotherapist. The first full multidisciplinary children’s palliative care team in Latvia operates at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital. It provides both outpatient and home care for families living in Riga or Riga region, and consultation for every family in Latvia. Team specialists use the same team principles to diagnose, solve and manage each clinical case (a clinical case is a child a with life-limiting or life-threatening condition, and his or her family). They work with each case according to an individual family plan. In children’s palliative care, the competence and personal experience of the specialists involved is of major importance. In order to establish good contact with a child’s family and to provide support at critical moments, the personal qualities of each specialist play an inestimable role.