Project “Strengthening the Capacity of the Children’s Palliative Care Society” .

The Children’s Palliative Care Society carries on implementation of the project started back in 2013 “Strengthening the capacity of the Children’s Palliative Care Society” (project No. 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/104/1/NAC/038), funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism programme for the period 2009-2014 “NGO activity support measure”.The project was financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The aim of the programme of the Children’s Palliative Care Society (the Society) in 2015, was to contribute to development of civic society by involving community in the activities organised by the Society, promoting work of the Parental initiative group and by supporting voluntary movement in the children’s palliative care (PC).

Programme venue: The Children’s University Hospital, Vienības gatve 45, Riga.
Period of implementation in 2015: 01.01.2015.-31.12.2015.

Provision is ensured to administer the project, to grant proper management and implementation of the components:

  • Promotion of active citizenship and democracy in children’s PC through involvement in decision making processes quantitative results:
  1. Society’s Parental initiative group of 13 people has been created and is operating. Representatives of the group are actively involving in the decision-making processes, regularly meeting state and local municipality institution representatives, improving communication among other parents and inviting them to take part in joined activities in the area of palliative care. Parental initiative group will promote the Society’s visibility by continuing spreading information on the Society’s activities and taking part in organising of charity events.
  2. The activity plan of the group – “The activity programme of the Parental initiative group” – has been elaborated. This document will assure Parental initiative group members’ further coordination, targeting and orientation towards goals.
  3. The Society’s website has been developed and content in the Latvian, Russian and English languages regularly updated. This will attract more people to find relevant information on events organised by the society, as well as create awareness of the Society in the international environment.
  • Within “Forming awareness on civic participation in children’s PC” celebration of the World’s PC day in Latvia was organised; forming of the coalition with other NGOs with the following quantitative results took place:
  1. During the project implementation the World’s palliative care day (a Hopice day) is being organised in Latvia every year. The Society will continue organising this day and use it to share information about children’s palliative care.
  2. Informative materials – booklets – are prepared in the Latvian, Russian and English languages:  Booklet about Parental initiative group (1,000 pcs in Latvian, 1,000 in Russian) Booklet about volunteer work in children’s palliative care (1,500 in Latvian, 1,000 pcs in Russian, 500 pcs in English). These materials will inform those interested about the Society’s activities, Parental initiative group’s activities, volunteers work in children’s palliative care, invite general public to take part in the Society’s activities.
  3. 2 meetings with the management of Riga Stradiņš University management and students are carried out to popularise volunteers’ movement; as a result ten to fifteen persons attracted to volunteers movement. This collaboration will be continued.
  4. The Society has formed coalition: Children’s palliative care in Latvia. Agreements on co-operation are signed   in 2015 with 4 NGOs. In future, co-operation and attracting of new NGOs will be continued to unite forces in solving topical issues of children’s palliative care.
  • “Attracting additional funds”: charity events were organised; collected money used to improve quality of life of incurably ill children. Quantitative results of this activity are as follows:
  1. At “Spice Home” there were organised charity events: painting of the ceramic pots for the Christmas trees together with famous Latvian artists. Exhibitions of incurably ill little girl Valērija “My life in a big world” and “I have wings – I can fly”, as well as jewellery exhibition by Erika “Pearl glitter” in the art gallery “Putti” and other activities to raise funds to cover specific activities of the Society.
  2. Charity event “Tree of Angels” is organised annually involving schoolchildren to strengthen donation traditions in our country. Christmas presents for children under the Society’s care are being prepared.
  3. Commemoration event organised every year, as well as support event for parents in the period of grieving, and Mother’s day – as an event for strengthening families. The Society will continue organising the above mentioned events.
  • Co-operation and membership of local and international NGO co-operation networks”.
  1. The Society as legal entity becomes a member of the Latvian Civic Alliance and the International Children’s Palliative Care Network. The Society will actively involve in solving issues topical for NGOs. By becoming ICPCN member the Society will promote awareness and co-operation with NGOs from other states.
  • “Promoting of volunteers’ work” – Programme of voluntary work in children’s palliative care was developed, trainings for volunteers organised, volunteers involved in the activities of the Society. Quantitative results:
  1. During the project’s implementation 15 new persons joined volunteer work in children’s palliative care. Attracting of the new volunteers will be continued.
  2. Document elaborated: Programme of voluntary work in children’s palliative care to assure continuous, targeted and well-planned volunteers’ work in carrying out the activities of the Society.
  • “Events to enhance publicity and information exchange” – within the framework of the activity information on project’s development and all related activities was distributed to mass media according to the publicity plan.