Our social workers and chaplains visited Riga’s 49th high school

By the End of September we visited Riga’s 49th high school. Our social workers – Zane Davidsone, Kristine Skutane and our chaplains – Aina Briede, Helene Saleniece met with the students from grades 1-4 to share their experience in dealing with people with disabilities, encourage the students to think and actively participate.


During the presentation our workers openly talked about their own illnesses, encouraged the little participants to think about and to understand what health is, what it means to be sick, what kinds of emotions and feelings people have when they are sick and how it would make someone feel if they were sick all the time. To understand, that we are different – even if at the first glance it can’t be seen – and try to become familiar with the other person’s situation.


Through a special game the students had the opportunity to feel what it is like to be unable to eat a candy and how to help a friend in such a situation. In addition to the game with the candy, the students could name different ways how they could help those children who are ill.


After 2 hours spent with them, we felt great interest and love from these children. The little student participants wanted to hug us and ask more questions.


We are very grateful to the Riga’s 49th high school for this opportunity to visit and to the students for their great interest and the heartfelt time together.


«Do unto others as you would want them do to you!»

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