The Children’s Palliative Care Society has created a short film “To be together” that reveals the essence of children’s palliative care.

The Children’s Palliative Care Society, in cooperation with the Riga International Women’s Club, has created a short film “To be together” that reveals the essence of children’s palliative care. There are several families sharing a positive experience in the short film about how such care helps to live by significantly improving the quality of life and also experiencing miracles when palliative care is no longer needed.



Misunderstanding of child palliative care meaning


When hearing the term “palliative care,” the first association is often comes to death. There are several reasons for such an association – understanding that an incurable disease is linked with an early death, an experience in the adult palliative care sector.


Anda Jansone, Head of the Children’s Palliative Care Team, describes the nature of palliative care: “Palliative care is a story about helping to dare to live despite a child’s illness that limits daily life, how to learn to live with it, how to make everyday better. We find other ways to help these children and their families – palliative care aims to help the child use his or her physical abilities as fully as possible to make him feel as good as possible to listen to his wishes and to have the people around him he loves. ”


Palliative care is an improvement in the quality of life


There are about 600 – 700 children with incurable diseases in Latvia. Most children suffer from neurological, genetic and oncological diseases. However, the fact that a child cannot be cured does not mean that we cannot help. Regardless of their state of health, they have similar needs as other children do: to grow up in family, to be loved, to play, to live to the fullest.


Joint work of several specialists


The palliative care service for children is provided by an interdisciplinary team of professionals, taking into account the emotional, mental, physical and social needs of the incurably ill child and his family during the child’s illness as well as during the mourning period. Medical services are provided by a doctor and a nurse. Psychological, social and spiritual support services are provided by a psychologist, social worker and chaplain. Chaplain, psychologist and social worker provide support for mourning, which is an essential part of palliative care.


To be together


The title of the short film is about the essence of children’s palliative care – about the courage to live in spite of the child’s illness, about the routine of everyday life, so that it is as good and of the highest quality as possible. For these children, the greatest support for families is the palliative care team, which provides the necessary medical, psychological and mental assistance. We are educating society about palliative care to raise understanding, compassion, engagement. It is important that as many people as possible understand the meaning of children palliative care, daily lives of these families, how it is to be different.


The society can also be together to support the Children’s Palliative Care Society’s intention to build a multifunctional care center “Bridges of Dreams”, which will provide specialist visits, psychologic and spiritual support for children and their families, psycho-social rehabilitation for children, support groups,  training center, life’s ending or hospice service.


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