Exhibition of the little Valērija “My life in the great world”


On 6 May at 13:30, exhibition of artworks by 12-years old Valērija Jakimova will be opened in the “Sunny Days Library” of the University Children’s Hospital. This exhibition is organised within the charity campaign for children in need of the palliative care “Tree of Angels”.   

The exhibition is organised b y Children’s Palliative Care Society in cooperation with society “Bērnu Draugi” (Children’s Friends) and Riga Central Library “Sunny Days Library”. For one week library visitors will have a chance to take a look at works of art created by the little girl – different painted objects and plasticine figures.

The greatest part of her life Valērija is struggling with chronic hemato-oncological disease, she has survived several critical health conditions, has gone through therapy in Latvia and abroad.

Works of art presented in this exhibition are created during the last six months. The favourite work of the author is pink flamingo. “Animal world is much more colourful that human world is. I like bright colours, they are so lively and I can express my feelings, emotions and perception of the world through them,” tells Valērija.

The exhibition is organised within the framework of the EEA project “Strengthening the capacity of the Children’s Palliative Care Society” (project No. 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/104/1/NAC/038/2014).