Implementation of innovation solutions in Children’s Palliative Care

sif-kras-eezOn 2 January 2014, the Palliative Care Society has launched project  “Implementation of innovation solutions in Children’s Palliative Care” (project No. 2012.EEZ/PP/1/MAC/050/032), funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism programme for the period 2009-2014 “NGO Project Measure”.  The project was financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The area of the Project “Introduction of innovative solutions in Children’s Palliative Care” was Latvia with the location of implementation Riga, Vienības gatve 45 and place of residence of the client.

The Project’s timeline covered 02.01.2014-30.06.2015.

The Project got implemented by the project provider “Childrens’ Palliative Care Society” and co-operation partners Society “Palīdzības centrs “Spēkavots”” and the Belarusian Children’s Hospice.

Goal of the Project was assuring availability of innovative children’s palliative care (furtherer – CPC) service (applying telemedicine technologies) to each family with incurably ill disabled child  by promoting overall improvement of families’ welfare, strengthening democratic values and respect for human rights in Latvia.

Target group of the Project was formed of families with incurably ill children (disabled children).

The following activities were carried out within the framework of the Project:

  1. Assurance of children’s PC service at home including innovative telemedicine. 100 persons received the children’s PC service during the period 02.01.2014-30.06.2015. Survey within the target group was carried out to evaluate families’ needs, gains and satisfaction with the provided social rehabilitation palliative care service at home, including telemedicine service. The results of the survey were summarised in the conclusion report. Results show that 85% of respondents were always satisfied with the provided care; this proves high professional competence and skills of the PC team members.
  1. Supporting groups for families with incurably ill children (disabled children). The support group for grieving parents were organised during 06.02.2014­10.04.2014 The support group for parents and family members, who are caring for disabled children, was organised within 11.09.2014‑13.11.2014. The support group for siblings was organised 26.03.2015-28.05.2015. Results of the support groups are reflected in the 3 reports. In co-operation with A. Garchakova, expert from the Belarusian Children’s Hospice, there has been elaborated methodological material for organising support groups. Aims of the material were to assess and analyse needs of the target group, to evaluate if the right action methods are chosen and to collect suggestions for support groups’ (services) social and economic sustainability.
  1. Acquisition of the good practice and exchange of experience in assurance of CPC in Belarus. From 11 June until 15 June, specialists of the children’s palliative care team – A. Jansone and R. Burova – visited the Belarusian Children hospice. The aim of the visit was to acquire a good practice and exchange experience of organising, planning and assuring CPC service. In the conclusion of the visit cooperation agreement between the two hospices was signed.
  1. Organising of informative seminar-camp“Together it is easy!” From 27.02.2015-01.03.2015, a special seminar-camp took place at the hotel Baltic Beach Hotel in Jūrmala. The event for three days gathered fifteen families with incurably ill children to receive new information, take part in creative activities, relax and enjoy moments together in a pleasant environment. The programme of the seminar-camp was built in a way to make maximum out of the time spent at the event, to provide opportunities for having good and creative time for both – big and small participants.  Parents attended various lectures, classes and recreational procedures, got acquainted with the home care experience of the Belarusian children’s hospice, and took part in support groups’ work while children developed their creative skills in different workshops and games.
  2. Elaboration and publicity of informative materials. Within this activity information on the Project and role of the EEA financial support instrument was provided to the society, children’s PC specialists and other interested parties, as well as collaboration partners and target audience. Mass media has been provided with initial information on the Project, the Project had a section dedicated to it on the Society’s website, 6 press releases were released. Information was shared via mass media upon commencing and finalising the Project, on news reflecting seminars at the beginning and the end of the Project, as well as information about main activities and results of the Project. Two press conferences were organised (one – at the beginning of the Project; other – when finalising the seminar-camp). Board carrying the main information of the financial supporters of the Project, organisers and aims was displayed at the Society’s premises, at Vienības gatve 45. On 19 June, Project’s closing seminar took place at the Society’s premises, at Vienības gatve 45. E-hospice article 30.05.14. “Taking a closer look at children’s palliative care in LatviaTaking a closer look at children’s palliative care in Latvia
  1. Administration, management and supervision of the Project. Successful implementation of the Project was assured by effective organisation team: project leader and project accountant. Meetings of the management group were carried out once every month to supervise Project’s progress and anticipated results.

In the Project’s activities were carried out with the respect to: gender equality, independence of each family, equality of generations for receiving PC service as granted.