Project “Strengthening the Capacity of the Children’s Palliative Care Society”

sif-kras-eezChildren’s Palliative Care Society had launched its “Strengthening the capacity of the Children’s Palliative Care Society” (project No.2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/104/1/NAC/038/2014), funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism programme for the period 2009-2014 “NGO Activity Support Measure” The project was financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

In 2014 the anual work plan for Children’s Palliative Care Society  (The Society) is to inform general public about children’s palliative care (PC) services contributing to the formation of civil engagement in support of children’s PC events organized by and through voluntary work.

Location: Children’s University Hospital, Vienības gatve 45, Riga.

Period of implementation in 2014: 01.01.2014.-31.12.2014.

During the whole project administrative management of the project will be ensured to provide good supervision and implementation of the actions:

Promotion of active citizenship and involvement democracy in children’s PC by taking part into decision making processes. Parents’ initiative of The Society will continue to work, to elaborate its action programme and continuing  the survey among parents.

Discussion to draw attention of the society and mass media to children’s medical nutrition costs  compensation problematics and possible solutions was organised on 27 August 2014. Parents of the ill children got actively involved in the discussion.

Building of awareness of civil involvement in children’s PC – cooperation agreements were signed with four NGOs: „Dižvanagi”, „Caladrius”, „Pregnancy Crisis Centre,” „Children’s Hospital Foundation.” Hospice Day was organized in Latvia. Developed brochures about activities of The Society in Latvian, Russian and English languages.

Raising additional funds by organising charity event “Tree of angels”, Mother and Family Day, Christmas church service for disabled children in Riga Cathedral and commemoration event for families of passed away children.

  • On 6 May , exhibition of art works by 12-years old Valērija Jakimova was organised in the “Sunny Days Library” of the University Children’s Hospital. This exhibition is organised within the charity campaign for children in need of the palliative care “Tree of Angels”.   
  • On 11th  May, the Children’s Palliative Care Society organised a Mother’s Day charity concert “Tree of Angels blossoms” in the Riga Dome Cathedral.
  • On 17th May  at the National Botanical Garden (NBG) in Salspils the blooming tree auction “Tree of Angels blossoms” was held.
  • On 21 and 22 June, tennis tournament for seniors “Rotary Open” was organised by the Children’s Palliative Care Society in cooperation with Ādaži tennis centre. The charity tournament is the first event of this kind in Latvia.
  • On 1 November – Creative workshop of painting the Christmas tree pots in exhibition gallery of Kalnciema kvartāls marketplace.
  • On 25 November, second exhibition of art works by 12-years old Valērija Jakimova  “I have wings, I can fly” was organised in the “Sunny Days Library” of the University Children’s Hospital.
  • On 13 December – Christmas tree charity auction “Tree of angels covers with snow”.
  • On 13 December- Christmas charity concert “Tree of angels covers with snow” that took place in Riga Dome.
  • On 30 November- Memorial Day.
  • This year marks 15 years that the International School of Latvia’s students have been bringing Christmas gifts to patients of the Children’s Palliative Care Society. It is from this school service project that the Children’s Palliative Care Society got the idea for the “Angel Tree” as the symbol for charity events.

Encouraging of cooperation and participation at international cooperation networks of NGOs. The Society becomes corporate member of International Children’s PC Network. E-hospice article 30.05.14. “Taking a closer look at children’s palliative care in Latvia

Popularisation of the volunteering movement –action programme for volunteering in children’s PC (training program) was established. 10 volunteers was trained. Attraction, instruction of volunteers and organisation of their work in children’s PC will be started.

Organising of the events to enhance publicity and information exchange  – mass media will be provided with information on implementing the Project, all included actions. Project’s section will be arranged in The Society’s website, 28 press releases will be distributed.