Let’s support home care!


We live next to each other and sometimes we don’t realise what it is like for a family with a child who has an untreatable condition. We have our comfortable home and relatives and friends to meet; but the little ailing one has spent only a short period of his life at home with his loved ones and the things that are dear to him. His condition has forced him and his closest ones, mother and father, to stay at hospital, where there is so much suffering, pain and lots of strangers. It is not easy neither for the child, nor his or her parents, who are desperate to return home together.

We have identified more than 100 children who would prefer to live at home with their brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents. They are capable of taking their medicines on time, if only they were able to rely on the support of a doctor or nurse, as well as that of a psychologist or chaplain, when the family feel in need.

Despite the fact that Latvia’s state healthcare service allocates only minimal resources to pay medical specialists, the Children’s Palliative Care Society has been  providing home care for children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions for some time now.

There is one piece of the jigsaw missing… This is the piece that says that a doctor, nurse, psychologist or chaplain can, at any hour of day, be called upon for a home visit by a family that requires their help and support. And one more piece, money – to cover cost of transportation and special medical equipment.

You can support children’s home care, by donating to the Society’s account.