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Every child has right to live in a family for all the time, not only in happy and careless days. Every child, including those suffering from illnesses, deserves goodnight kiss from mom and lullaby from dad, and not only to listen to sounds of medical equipment while falling asleep.

Support of loved ones and opportunity to stay at home is a source of strength and encouragement for more than 200 incurably ill children during hard times of illness. However, those children besides love of their families need also medical equipment, special diet, support of competent medical team – sense of safety that also in the bad days there will be somebody around to help.

For Erika, Ernests, Ricards and more than 200 other incurably ill children in Latvia to live with their families at home, from November 1 till December 31 this year Children Palliative Care society in collaboration with Apotheka pharmacy network is organizing charity campaign “Give a chance TO LIVE AT HOME, not in hospital”.


You can support the activity by:

  • Donating money in donation boxes in Apotheka pharmacies in Latvia;
  • Completing the form and donating online;